Health Department Seeks Public Input

The Caldwell County Health Department invites adults living in Caldwell County to take the  Community Health Assessment (CHA) survey. 

This survey, developed by community leaders, identifies health and human services issues in  Caldwell County and determines the availability of resources to address those issues.  

“The CHA is not an assessment of our community. It is an assessment by our community, and it  serves as the foundation for improving and promoting the health of the people living here in our  county,” said Caldwell County Public Health Director Anna Martin. “To be successful, we need  our community’s input.” 

Survey results will help community leaders and volunteers identify problems, evaluate available resources, and develop strategies to address these problems. 

Typically, the assessment is conducted every three years; however, the COVID pandemic  delayed the survey for two years. 

“With the 2022 survey, we will be back on track to conduct the CHA on a regular basis,”  explained Martin. 

The survey, which will be available through August, can be found online at, and a Spanish version will be out soon.  Individuals who do not have computer or internet access can pick up a paper copy at Caldwell  County Health Department, Caldwell County Offices, or Caldwell County Public Library, Lenoir  branch. 

All the information provided during the survey will be completely confidential and will not be  linked to any individual in any way.  

For more information or to learn more about how you could be involved in the CHA process, please call 828-426-8506.

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