Grant program to provide free Summer tuition at CCC&TI

Grant program to provide free Summer tuition at CCC&TI

Qualifying students at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute (CCC&TI) may be able to take summer courses free of charge, thanks to a new grant awarded to the school. 

The Summer Accelerator grant program uses $27 million in state funding to provide tuition assistance to public and private postsecondary students taking courses during Summer 2022 and Summer 2023.

Executive Director of Community Relations Edward Terry, said the summer semester typically consists of students who are in a specific program that requires summer courses, students who are home for the summer from another school and students who want to catch up or get ahead during the shortened summer semester. 

“One of the challenges for these students is that some financial aid, scholarships, and grants only apply to spring and fall semesters,” he said. “Therefore, having extra funds to assist these students will hopefully mean that more students are able to enroll this summer.”

According to The Summer Accelerator grant program, it will provide up to $5,000 to cover tuition, fees, book, and other expenses based on the number of summer courses a student is taking. To be eligible, students must be:

  • A North Carolina resident
  • Enrolled in an academic program leading to postsecondary degree or credential
  • Working towards their first postsecondary degree or credential

We're excited for the opportunities that these additional funds and programs provide for our students and for the community. Our goal is to make college education and workforce training accessible to everyone and programs such as Summer Accelerator help make that possible.” 

In addition to the Summer Accelerator program, Terry says there are several other options available at CCC&TI to help students with the obstacle of tuition costs. 

“The state also is providing funds that cover students' costs through programs such as the Longleaf Commitment and Career and College Promise.”

Students at the school can also access financial help through federal programs, as well as local dollars provided by the Foundation of CCC&TI. 

“In short, now is the best time to attend college or train for a new career due to the amount of financial assistance that's currently available,” Terry said. 

To learn more about funding for free summer courses, contact CCC&TI’s Financial Aid Office at 828-726-2713.

There’s still time to register for Summer Semester classes at CCC&TI. Some classes begin on May 16, but most will commence on May 31. To get started, visit  

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