Runion Named Animal Care Enforcement Supervisor

Runion Named Animal Care Enforcement Supervisor

As part of its restructuring, Caldwell County Animal Care Enforcement Division recently selected John Runion to serve as Animal Care Enforcement Supervisor.  

“It is truly an honor to have John Runion as the supervisor for the enforcement officers at Caldwell County Animal Care Enforcement,” said Richard Gilliland, Director of Animal Care Enforcement  Division. “John is a faithful public servant who is always looking for ways to help others, no matter the  situation. His law enforcement and supervisor experience will assist with the development of Animal  Care Enforcement.” 

In his new role, Runion will oversee the men and women tasked with enforcing animal laws. Prior to  starting his new role, Runion served as a Lieutenant with the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office, where in  addition to his patrol duties, he assisted with scheduling and patrolling Wilson Creek. He will continue  to assist the Sheriff by performing those duties throughout the summer. 

Runion began his career with the county in 2008 as a Detention Officer. In 2009, after completing  Basic Law Enforcement Training, he was promoted to deputy in the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division. He  has also held the rolls of Corporal and Sergeant, and has been awarded the medal of valor for his  actions during the response to a critical incident.

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