Mental Health Summit Held at Education Center

Mental Health Summit Held at Education Center

The Northwest RESA held a Mental Health Summit at the Education Center in Caldwell County on February 9.  Superintendent Dr. Don Phipps served as host and moderator of the event. 

“By design, this event was not a conference, lecture, or presentation; rather, it was an opportunity for school systems in our RESA to come together and respond to framing questions and discuss mental health-related issues as they impact schools,” said Phipps.

The Northwest RESA represents school systems from the northwestern part of North Carolina and there are attributes that are similar to the whole and differences that make each one unique. The summit allowed each system to share their perspective, which allowed other systems to hear their peer systems’ responses and approaches to similar issues. 

“There is a great learning value in bringing professionals together to focus on needs and discuss solutions and outcomes,” continued Phipps. “I am hopeful that the time invested at this event will stimulate creative thoughts that lead to planning, programs, initiatives, and ultimately best practices that can be showcased within our RESA and across the state.”

“It was obvious to me that the passion to serve others is very strong across our RESA. There are many mental health challenges and they have a strong impact on our daily work, but the energy and commitment in the room today makes me feel very confident that the system will rise to the challenge and identify needs, challenges, and ultimately solutions that will benefit us all,” said Phipps.

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