County decreases environmental health backlog

County decreases environmental health backlog

Since 2020, Caldwell County Environmental Health has reduced its backlog of well and septic applications and increased the number of restaurant inspections completed.

In a report to the Caldwell County Board of Commissioners, Public Health Director Anna Martin reported that in 2020, Environmental Health received 687 applications for Septic and Well permits and issued 538 permits. In 2021, 656 applications were received and 560 applications issued. So far this year, 260 applications have been received and 298 permits issued.

“At this rate, our staff could issue up to 900 permits this year, virtually eliminating any backlog, which has been as long as six months.” said Public Health Director Anna Martin.

With two full-time employees, the Food and Lodging staff have nearly doubled the number of restaurants inspected in fiscal year 2021-2022 in comparison to the previous year. The number of food stands inspected more than tripled from fiscal year 2020-2021 to 2021-2022.

“Our Environmental Health staff is an integral component of Public Health, as they work to protect food, soil, and water,” said Martin. “We are particularly proud of the work they have done this year to decrease backlogs and increase the number of food and lodging inspections.”

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