Caldwell County restructures Environment Health Division

Caldwell County restructures Environment Health Division

Caldwell County Health Department recently restructured its Environment Health Division in an effort to improve  efficiency and give employees more opportunities for growth. 

Under the new structure, the Food and Lodging will consist of a Program Specialist and a Food and Lodging  Environmental Health Specialist. Food and Lodging staff are responsible for inspecting restaurants and hotels. The Onsite  staff, who inspect wells and septic tanks, includes a Program Specialist and two Environment Health Specialists. The new  organizational chart also includes a second supervisor position. 

“Until now Environmental Health staff had little opportunity for growth,” explained Public Health Director Anna Martin.  “With the new structure, staff members have opportunities for promotions and salary increases as they earn their  environmental health primary authorization and certifications.” 

The new structure not only gives staff opportunities for growth but also helps to increase the number of inspections the  department can complete.  

“By adding a program specialist to both the Food and Lodging and the onsite teams, we increase the number of  employees available to do inspections and ensure each team has a registered environmental health specialist to oversee  inspections,” said Martin. “With these changes, we can better serve Caldwell County.” 

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